Healthy Snacks Your Preschooler Will Love

Healthy Snacks Your Preschooler Will Love

fresh fruit

Preschoolers are at the age where they are still finding out what they like or don’t like in terms of food and so getting them to eat some foods is a difficult task. As such, making snacks for them can prove to be quite daunting but fear not! Here are some snack suggestions you can use when making preschool snacks.


– Orange slices could be your first go-to being that they’re already sweet so if you’re too busy this shouldn’t be so difficult to do. They are easy for the kids to hold and peel and they are also rich in Vitamin C.

– Berries topped with a dollop of frozen yoghurt preferably low-fat are another fruity snack you could give

– Slice up bananas, dip them in yoghurt and roll them up in crushed cereal then serve frozen

–  Of course, there is also fruit juice. Make fruit juice out of fruit yourself so it comes without all the added preservatives that store-bought juice has and your child will get all the vitamins directly. You can use oranges, pineapple, mangoes, passion fruit or lemons for lemonade.

–    Cut carrot sticks into bite-sized cubes and use hummus for dip

Snack Cups

– Using paper cups, you can serve them finger food such as trail mix using cereal, dried cherries; soy nuts which are okay for kids who may be suffering from peanut-allergic kids and it wouldn’t hurt to add in some mini chocolate chips in there as well. Ingredient proportions may vary with different recipes.

– Bake small potatoes using melted cheese preferably of the reduced fat kind or with salsa.


You can never go wrong with good old yoghurt which has proved to be a lifesaver when making snacks for children and toddlers. Make smoothies using yoghurt, milk, ice (optional), and of course fruit for that burst of flavor and vitamins. Fruits you can use that are favorites among toddlers include cantaloupes, blueberries, strawberries, and bananas. Blend these ingredients together for the flavors to mix and until you get a smooth consistency so it’s easy to drink up. Plain yoghurt could also work; just make sure you get flavors the child likes. Top up the yoghurt with fresh fruit and/ or granola. You can also use yoghurt as a dip for fruit or as a creamy addition to fruit salads.

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