Snacks for kids and toddlers that don’t compromise on health

Snacks for kids and toddlers that don’t compromise on health

I’m Chahrazad, mother of two beautiful boys. I spend my days trying to learn and make creative and healthy snacks for my kids.

As moms, I’m sure we only want the best for our kids all round and that includes nutrition-wise. That is why I am dedicated to bombarding you with healthy snacks that your child will both enjoy and get the most out of nutritionally.

Here you will get ideas on how to make healthy snacks for your child in a creative way that will entice them to want to eat more fruits and veggies among other healthy and whole foods every day which I’m sure is what every mother wants to see.

Healthy foods to use

These snacks can be made of course from fruits and vegetables but also from whole foods such as whole-wheat products. They are also made while making sure they are getting a balanced diet so proteins, vitamins, fiber, fresh vegetables and fruits and starch as well.

Easy and Convenient methods and resources

These snacks are made from foods you have right in your home so you have no excuse as to why not to try them. The methods and equipment used to make them are not complicated either and you never know your kid(s) may even want to help in preparing these snacks and even look forward to the moments when you do so.

Encourage healthy eating

Giving the kids an opportunity to get involved in the creation process of these healthy snacks will give them a deeper appreciation for healthy and good food choices later in their life which in the long-run is beneficial for them.

Bond with your child

Making these snacks in a creative way is also a great way to spark their imagination and makes every snack time a new experience for them. This can also be a great way for you to incorporate some of what they learn in school in making the snacks such as the solar system or a nature scene among others. This way they can get to remind themselves of things they learn in school and associate them with something delicious.

Source of inspiration

They could also end up inspiring other kids in school to go home and tell their parents about your kids’ delicious and healthy snacks. This may, in turn, push them to follow in your footsteps; after all, every single child who gets to eat a healthy snack is enhancing their future life for the better.