7 Creative Healthy Snacks That Your Kids Will Love

7 Creative Healthy Snacks That Your Kids Will Love

7 Creative Snacks That Your Kids Will Love

Getting your child to eat fruits and vegetables, especially, is not the best and easiest job in the world; therefore, you might need to get more creative with their snacks to get them more interested in eating healthier.

Use healthier ingredients and prepare them in a way that stimulates them visually and your kids may end up looking forward to the next creative healthy snacks you prepare for them on the next day.


The Solar System Plate

You will cut circular slices of orange, pear, cheese, banana and kiwi fruit and then cut a thin, long rectangle from the cheese which will be used for Saturn’s rings. On a plate, place the circle slices you had cut, a chickpea, a pepperoni slice, a blueberry and a grape with respect to the size and order of the sun and the planets. You can put tiny blobs of Greek yogurt between the planets to represent stars.


Create a car with Grape and Apple


Grape and Apple Cars

Cut apples into slices about ½ an inch in size, place toothpicks into both ends of the apple slices horizontally and slide grapes through the exposed toothpick ends to make wheels.


The Hummus and Red Pepper Volcano

Put two tablespoons of hummus onto a plate and spread it with a butter knife to make a triangular shape. Cut a red bell pepper into slices ¼ inches in size and place them at the top of the hummus volcano so that it looks like the volcano is gushing out lava.


An Orange and Carrot Sun

Cut thin circular slices of a large orange and place one slice in the middle of a plate. Take baby carrot sticks and arrange them around the orange slice to form triangular-shaped rays. You can give the sun a happy face by using two raisins on the orange slice for eyes.


A Strawberry Flower

Take two strawberries and slice them into ¼ inch slices and arrange them on a plate to form flower petals. Put blueberries in the middle of the petals and use celery stalks to form the flower stem and the leaves.


The Banana and Kiwi Palm Tree


The Banana and Kiwi Palm Tree

Cut a banana in half (this is what will be used as the tree trunk) and then make slightly curved slices out of one kiwi. Put these slices on the plate on top of the banana such that they look like the branches of a palm tree fanning out from the tree trunk as illustrated.


Teddy Bear Toast

Toast a slice of whole wheat bread and slather peanut butter on one side of the toast. Put two slices of a banana on the top corners of the toast to form the ears and place one banana slice in the middle of the toast to make the snout, put a blueberry on it for the nose and use raisins for the eyes.

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