5 Tips That Will Lead To A Successful Snack For Your Toddler

5 Tips That Will Lead To A Successful Snack For Your Toddler

5 tips for toddler's snack

If your toddler didn’t get a certain food group during a mealtime, you could provide you toddler with that food group during snack time. For example, your child has a whole-grain waffle for his/her breakfast. This means they consumed a high-fiber carb food. At snack time, you can give them string cheese, which covers their protein and dairy needs as well as some fruit for additional fibers and other nutrients.

Safe Snack Time

Don’t let your child eat while crawling, walking or laying down, as this can be a choking hazard. Give your child snacks only when they are sitting up, preferably in their high chair or booster seat.

Make Snack Time Similar To Meal Time

Make sure the snacks are served as you would the meals – at their table. This is safer; but, it’s also teaching them good table manners or fewer foods being spilled on your couch. If snack time occurs when you’re not at home, it’s fine to give them a snack when in their car seat or stroller. Don’t offer them snacks each time you secure your child to recompense them for being in a confined spaced.

Eat A Snack Before Bed

When your child goes to bed without a snack, it can cause their blood sugar levels to drop significantly. Curb this by offering a snack before they go to bed. A bedtime snack will allow them to sleep better. What kinds of bedtime snacks should you be giving your child? They should include a graham cracker and some milk or cheese and crackers. No chocolate since it contains caffeine and may lead to them staying awake.

Snacks Should Be Colorful

You want your child’s snack to be colorful – strawberries, grapes, bananas and apples – because these are loaded with the nutrients their growing body needs. Make sure you get in as many colors as you can for their meals.

Reduce Their Salt and Sugar Intake

It can be difficult to curb a child’s taste for salt and sugar if it’s been introduced. Minimize their exposure to foods laden with them.

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