5 Healthy Evening Snacks

5 Healthy Evening Snacks

Hedgehog - Pear and grape

–   The Hedgehog : You will need 1 pear, some grapes and toothpick. Cut the top of the pear to make the head. Put the toothpicks in the grapes and push in the toothpick into the pear.

–   Spread homemade nut butter such as almond butter on crackers and place thin strawberry slices on top for a sweet crunchy surprise then drizzle some honey and cover with another cracker. All that will be left to do is sit back and watch the kids’ faces light up with delight as they bite into these crunchy treats!

–   Slice apples into crescent-shaped slices, then spread peanut or almond butter on top of the slices. Press granola on the buttered sides of the apple slices and the snacks will be all done.

–   Make some mini toasted whole-wheat waffles then take a chicken salad and mix with chopped walnuts and sliced grapes then spoon the mixture onto the waffles.

–   Cut an apple or two in half and scoop the seeds out using a spoon. Slice the apple into ¼ inch wedges which you will then lay onto a greased baking sheet and proceed to bake for 2-3 hours at 200 degrees Fahrenheit until the slices become dry.

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